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PIMS Version 8
PIMS 8.0.17 Release Installation

For a complete list of changes in each version of PIMS, please refer to PIMS 8 notes.

For info about key service dates related to BPS 1, see PIMS Key Service Dates for BPS 1.
For sample queries related to BPS 1, see Sample Queries for BPS 1.

Known Bugs

Getting Started with PIMS 8

If you're new to PIMS but have completed your training, you will want to review Getting Started with PIMS 8. Sites recently upgrading from PIMS 7 will likely want to skim through this as well, for background on navigating through PIMS and the new outcome instruments.

If you're upgrading from PIMS 7 to PIMS 8 and want an in-depth look at new PIMS features, you may also want to review What's New in PIMS 8

Installation Instructions

Before installing PIMS, you will want to review the installation instructions below:
Instruction SetLast UpdatedFollow these instructions if...
PIMS 8 Installation Instructions11/7/17you are installing PIMS 8 for the first time or are upgrading from PIMS version 7.
PIMS 8 Update Instructions9/13/16you already have PIMS 8 installed, but would like the latest update.
PIMS 8 Training Instructions9/28/16you are installing PIMS for a training event.

Note that this version may use some new forms (supervision, etc.) to be listed here. Download the most recent data collection forms.

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