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Frequently Asked Questions- Data Entry

7/15/09 PM

How do I delete a record?

You can either select “Edit” and then “Delete Record” – OR – Highlight the gray bar on the left of the screen and hit “Delete” on the keyboard.

What do I do if all of my data is suddenly missing from PIMS?

First of all, don’t worry.  The data has not disappeared, it just lost its attachment to the program.  If you don’t know where your database is stored, ask your IT person for assistance.  From the PIMS Main Menu, click “Select PIMS file” and look for your pimstab5.mdb database (usually stored on the network or shared drive).  Double-click on the pimstab5 database, and your data should be restored.

What do I do if the staff ID that I need doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu?

If this is a newly hired staff, you must enter the staff information in order for the staff ID to appear in the drop-down menu.  Go to Program Data Entry, then Staff Information, and Add a New Record.

If this is a staff person who recently left the program, delete the termination date from the Staff Information Form.  Once the termination date is entered, the corresponding staff ID will disappear from the drop-down menu.

When should I enter a CPS report?

The CPS Report Form is used to track substantiated or founded reports of abuse and/or neglect.  The form should be completed regardless of whether or not the CPS report was made by HF/TIP staff.  Base your determination as to whether or not abuse/neglect was substantiated on reports from DYFS, the family, and/or another reliable party.

How to I change the FSW assignment or enter a level change?

Use the Service History Form.

When do Level of Service (LOS) changes take place?
This depends on how your site has defined the rules for LOS changes.  Generally, for all LOSs except prenatal level, changes take place the first day of the month.  For prenatal level, some sites have the change occur on the date of birth, while others make the change effective the day the FSW learns about the baby’s birth.  Consult with your state support staff or HFA Regional Director for additional help.

How does PIMS handle level changes that occur mid-month?
PIMS will determine how many days the participant is on each level during the month.  The LOS with the most days will be the one that is used to calculate the home visit completion rate for that month.

I terminated a participant last week/last month, but she has reappeared and wants to resume services.  How can I undo the termination?
Go to the termination record.  On the left-hand side of the screen you will see a vertical gray bar.  Click on the bar to highlight it, then press your [delete] key.  For more information on what to do for lengthier terminations, see Terminations, Re-engagements, and Re-enrollments.

I terminated a participant several months ago, but she has reappeared and wants to resume services.  How can I reactivate her?
See Terminations, Re-engagements, and Re-enrollments.

What is the “no visits between” field on the Monthly Contact Log?
There are times during the course of home visiting services when the family or FSW is not available for home visits for several weeks; for example, vacations or medical leaves.  In such cases, the supervisor can enter the range of dates during that month that either the family or the FSW were unavailable.  PIMS will prorate the expected number of home visits for the family for that month.  Typically this field is used only when the family or FSW were unavailable for two or more weeks.  The site should have a policy for using this field.  Consult with your state support staff or HFA Regional Director for additional guidance.

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