Current PIMS version:  9.3.1   (02-10-23)  download


Download the latest update file using the link above..
Open the downloaded zip file by double-clicking on it in your Downloads folder..
Copy all the files (e.g. pims.accde, pimsdata_template.accdb, etc) from that zip file to your PIMS install folder which is located in the folder where your PIMS data is stored.
Note: It's normal for some updates to only include one file.
On each computer, open PIMS and it will automatically update itself from the new version in the install folder.

PIMS 9.0.x release notes.  These are relevant for any first time upgrades to PIMS 9.
PIMS 9.0.x screenshots

9.3.1Added field for "Initial Contact Date" on the Participant Home screen. The data is available in Custom Queries.
Updated Custom Queries so that you can re-save your query after making changes.
Changed FROG threshold to be 10 and higher on PIMS07 report.
Made some changes to move towards 64 bit Office support. (Beta version included)
9.2.3Tweaks to reports MD01A and MD01B to work around an apparent Access bug in the latest Office version.
9.2.2Updated staff training to reflect the Best Practice Standards 8th Edition. BE SURE TO RUN AND SAVE ALL YOUR STAFF REPORTS BEFORE UPGRADING TO THIS VERSION. Old topics will not be reportable after the upgrade.
9.1.4Fixed bug in Home Visit report where the text boxes in the "Child Development and Health Curriculum" section were blank even where there were notes entered.
9.1.3Added FROG support to assessment report that prints from the assessment screen.
Updated appearance of several participant level reports.
9.1.2FROG support has been added.  When you're ready to use FROG, change the "Assessment to Use" setting in Site Setup.
See this document for more details: PIMS FROG Update Info.pdf   To download User: pims  Password: %hfa2002
Added "Annual Year 1" through "Annual Year 5" outcome administration time points.
Added "Virtual" assessment method
Changed coloring of totals on caseload reports so the numbers are more visible.
Lightened up the shading on all reports to improve readability.
Turned off "auto resize" on the reports so they are readable on the screen.
Fixed Monthly Contact Log by Participant (rpt14a) which was always limiting content to your own caseload even if you are a PIMS Admin.
Added "terminated" search option to Case Status on Participant Data Entry page
Expanded the Case Notes area on the Participant Home screen
Staff Training window - will show the staff name now instead of just the ID  (make sure you enter staff names in Staff setup!)
                                    - tab will now work to go to the next line when entering the list of staff who attended
                                    - added the display of the attendees to the training list page so you can see who attended without having to open the training.
Home visit print out has been cleaned up and condensed
Added Family Goal Plan fields to Custom Queries
Improved the connection speed when linking to a dataset and hopefully minimized the number of security warnings that pop up.
9.0.15 Fixed another bug on the Outcomes screen where the min and max dates were not always showing under certain circumstances.
9.0.14 Fixed a bug on the Outcomes screen where the min and max dates were not always showing, or were calculating off the wrong pregnancy if there were multiple pregnancies.
9.0.13 IMPORTANT: This version fixes a bug in the reporting screen.  If you specified "Exclude transfers and re-enrollments", it would exclude many more participants than it should have.  This update corrects that.

Changed the sort order to most recent at the top for these forms - Medical Visits, Monthly Contact Log, Family Goal Plan History, Service History Form

Added Service Level to the Participants search page.

Enhanced the Participant Search page to allow sorting the columns in descending order by clicking a second time on the column heading.
9.0.12 Added "Virtual" home visit location codes. A "Virtual - Video" and "Virtual - Phone" location code was added to the Home Visit location list.

Fixed an issue where the ribbon bar would sometimes not appear when previewing a report, making it easy to accidentally close PIMS instead of just closing the report.

Made a further correction to parent outcome tools and how they relate to a second pregnancy. The min and max dates should now properly reflect the selected pregnancy.
9.0.11 Fixed the Child History button on the Child screen

CESD and PHQ Outcome tools had an issue where you were supposed to be able to link them to a specific birth, and the expected dates would be calculated accordingly. That was not working correctly on the input screen. That has been corrected.

Fixed a bug on the staff screen where if you were adding a new staff person, but you didn't supply all the required fields, it would silently fail to add the new staff.

Fixed an issue in Custom Queries where the operators "Begins With", "Contains", and "Ends WIth" were not working.  
Also note that when using Zip codes as criteria in Custom Queries, use "Begins With" as your operator.  That will handle the zip codes that include a hyphen in them or after them.
9.0.10 Made ribbon bar visible when showing data in Custom Queries so that you can close the preview window.
9.0.9 Fixed referral count on PIMS58B - Latest ASQ Referral Report

Made the Select PIMS Data File always visible

Resolved "Can not open any more databases" issue when running the

Update Children on the Immunizations Schedule screen.

Added the display of the network domain name on the database
administrator menu (for Licensing troubleshooting)
9.0.8 Fixed missing report preview control ribbon menu
9.0.7 Fixed slow Report Menu opening - I’ve streamlined how it validates group membership, and I’ve added an index to StaffInfo.LoginName and StaffInfo.StaffID
9.0.6 Fixed reports restricted to single staff issue 
Fixed endweek bug in ‘qry_rptMD01B_HVactivities_byFSW’

Download PIMS 9 Initial Upgrade from 8.x