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updated 9/21/11

Main Menu

start menu

The PIMS Start Menu is the first screen you should see when opening PIMS.  This provides you with the following options:

  • Program Data Entry- allows you to enter data about your program, staff, and surrounding community.
  • Participant Data Entry- allows you to enter information about your participants, participant activities, and children.
  • Standard Reports- allows you to generate pre-packaged reports.
  • Custom Queries- allows you to design your own reports.
  • Select PIMS File- allows you to create a new PIMS data table or link to an existing data table.   This form opens up automatically whenever you open PIMS and there is no database attached.
  • Site Definitions- allows you to define your service.  This consolidates the Program and Participant report menus, which were formerly separate.
  • DB Administration- allows you to conduct more technical setup of your database, including options for sharing your data and improving PIMS performance.
  • Accounts Manager- allows you to configure user-based access levels, so each staff can see only their own participants.
  • Change Password- allows you to change your login password.
  • Help- this links to the online PIMS Resource Center.

Main Navigation Bar


You can navigate to most of the menu options provided in the start menu from the main navigation bar, found at the bottom of each of the PIMS main menus:

  • Main Menu
  • Site Definitions
  • Program Data Entry
  • Participant Data Entry
  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Queries
  • Help

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